The Moneywise Guys

The Moneywise Guys Program

Thursday, June 12th

Moneywise Hosts: David Anderson, Sherod Waite, & Paul Anderson

Guests Include:

Tom Payne, Management Consultant & WebTalk Radio Show Host of, "You’re Hired"

John Cox, The Bakersfield Californian

Aaron Markovits, Executive Director for Kern Assistive Technology Center

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The Moneywise Guys Program

Wednesday, June 11th

Moneywise Hosts: David Anderson, Garro Ellis, & Sherod Waite

Guests Include:

Shawna Haddad, Owner of Muerto's Kitchen & Lounge

Mike Hawkesworth was diagnosed with Leukemia in April. He is in need of a stem cell transplant. There are thousands of children and adults just like him. The most likely donor is a sibling. However, 70% of patients don't have a match in the family and rely on the generosity of volunteer donors to save their life.


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The Moneywise Guys Program

Tuesday, June 10th

Moneywise Hosts: David Anderson & Garro Ellis

Guests Include:

John Duffield, C.P.A.

Laura Gottesdiener, Author of  "When Predatory Equity Hit the Big Apple: How Private Equity Came to New York’s Rental Market -- and What That Tells Us about the Future."

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