The Moneywise Guys

The Moneywise Guys Radio Show

Monday, July 7th

Moneywise Hosts: David Anderson & Sherod Waite

Guests: Kyle Jones, Attorney

Hoyce Hart, Attorney

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The Moneywise Guys Radio Show

Thursday, July 3rd

Moneywise Hosts: David & Paul Anderson

Guests Include: Marvin Bush, Premier Realty

John Cox, Breaking News Editor for The Bakersfield Californian

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The Moneywise Guys Radio Show

Wednesday, July 2nd

Moneywise Hosts: David Anderson, Sherod Waite, & Garro Ellis

Guest: Jeff Clark, Editor & Analyst for The Stansberry Research

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The Moneywise Guys Radio Program

Tuesday, July 1st

Moneywise Hosts: David Anderson & Garro Ellis

Guests Include: John Duffield, CPA

Dr. Larry Waldman, Ph. D., Consultant, Teacher, & Author of "Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Your Fortune: Discover the Psychology of Achieving Your Life Goals"

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