The Moneywise Guys

The Moneywise Guys Podcast

Friday, October 10th

Moneywise Hosts: Garro Ellis, Paul Anderson, & Kris Pelster


Jerry Springberg, Author of "Getting to the Top"

Erich Merkle, Sales Analyst for the Ford Motor Company

Dave DeRoo, Bassist for Adema

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The Moneywise Guys Podcast

Thursday, October 9th

Moneywise Hosts: Sherod Waite, Garro Ellis, & Kris Pelster

Guest: John Cox, Breaking News Editor for The Bakersfield Californian

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The Moneywise Guys Podcast

Wednesday, October 8th

Moneywise Hosts: David Anderson, Garro Ellis, & Sherod Waite

Guests: Russell Johnson, Bakersfield Councilman

Sue Watson, Owner of Business Initiatives

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The Moneywise Guys Podcast

Tuesday, October 7th

Moneywise Hosts: David Anderson & Garro Ellis


John Duffield, Local C.P.A.

Dr. Tracy Kemble, Ph. D - Founder of the Women in Need Foundation & Author of "Empowerment is S.E.X.Y."

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