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Friday, June 7th 


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Guest: Dessie Claffy, Director of Client Operations at Moneywise Wealth Management

Join Matilda and her new friends as they embark on their first semester of school at Crunchem Hall Primary School under the direction of head mistriss Agatha Thrunchbull. Unfortunately for Matilda her cruel parents despise having a little girl, and Miss Trunchbull treats her just as bad.  But she always seems to have a trick up her sleeve, with her creative mind and cleaver wit, she is far beyond her age.  Watch as Matilda, with her new found bond with Ms. Honey, Lavender and all the students in her class, set out to change the world when they grow up, showing that miracles come in all shapes and sizes!


This production is put on by Shafter Theater, a community faith based program in Shafter that is in its first year of existence, working to bring theatrical and creative events to Shafter in a new and exciting manner.  Join us as we continue to bring together this community in a musical kind of way!    




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